PTO Minutes- Tuesday, December 11


Presentation:  Grading, HOWLS

Committee Updates-  Auction and International Potluck


Caitlin LeClair

Alison Leavitt

Pat Crowley Rockwell

Nancy Berrang

Ed Suslovic

Line Pelletier

Sheila McKinley

Frederico Kabamba

Maria Tumbakalubi

Sarah Moran

Catherine Scruggs

Elizabeth Griffin

Dana Dumond

Patric Santerre

Lauren Corey

1. Presentation by Caitlin LeClair and Pat Crowley Rockwell:  Included information about student engaged assessment at King, HOWLS and the shift to standards based grading in 2013.

2. Auction Update:  April 25th.  The auction committee will be divided into  7 sub groups

Next Meting




All parents and teachers are invited to come.

Agenda will include presentations on:


Expeditionary Learning

Habits of Work and Learning- HOWLS

Standards Based Grading System

Volunteer opportunities for the upcoming International Potluck Dinner and Spring Talent Show/Silent Auction even




The PTO fundraising efforts support the annual trip to Camp Kieve for all 7th grade students.  We need your help!

The biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up on April 25, 2013—the silent auction and faculty talent show– and we need parents to get involved.   If you are interested in helping in any aspect of the auction, please contact Line Pelletier ( or Angela Giaquinto (    If you are interested in helping solicit local business sponsors for the event, please contact Alison Leavitt ( .  We are always looking for great items for the silent auction.  If you know anyone that provides specialty services or businesses willing to donate please contact us.


The International Potluck Dinner, held in February, is another great opportunity to get involved and support the PTO.  

It is a night filled with food, music, and is a celebration of the King community.  We need volunteers to help with cooking, organization, set up and clean up. To learn more about how to get involved join us at the PTO meeting on December 11th.






Meeting Minutes 3/5/12

Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting
March 5, 2012
King Middle School Library

Present: Ken Giaquinto, Angela Giaquinto, Line Pelletier, June O’Neill, Lauren Corey, Jane Wellehan, and Sherry Whittemore.

I.    General Items
A.    Created Agenda: Faculty Talent Show and Silent Auction planning and updates from Committee Chairs

II.    Silent Auction Panning
•    Consensus that the food and refreshments table should be placed in the York wing this year.
•    Suggested that bidding should close after the second intermission and that shorter acts be held in the beginning of the show and longer acts toward the end.
•    Discussed that the event should be held from 5:30 -8 p.m. to accommodate island families.
•    Sherry said she would create visuals for sponsors and significant donations.
•    Discussion of best methods for displaying visuals of gift cards and certificates on poster boards.

III.    Committee Chair Updates for Faculty Talent Show and Silent Auction
A.    Donations Committee (Co-chair Ken Giaquinto)
•    Ken Giaquinto offered to co-chair this team with Dona Pfeffer.
•    Letters have been sent and the team is in the process of making follow-up calls.
•    To date, King has received approximately 50 items valued at $5,160.
•    Still need more parents to make follow-up calls.
•    Ken and Jane created a list of 10 more parents to contact.
•    Ken, Dona, and Sherry will meet next week to discuss next steps.

B.     Decorations and Set-up Committee (Line Pelletier)
Line has determined how tables should be decorated and identified what she needs to create a spring effect.

C.    Food Committee (June O’Neill)
•    June has stepped up as Chair of the Food Committee.
•    Jane shared process of how the food and refreshments were organized the previous year.
•    This year, it was suggested that King reach out to parents who manage or own restaurants and may be able to donate food.
•    Sherry will ask school staff in World Cultures and Life Skills rooms to prepare food for the event.
•    Donation requests will be sent to Standard, Panera and Borealis.
•    Sherry will send an email to all school staff asking for donations and Jane will send a request to parents via Constant Contact.
•    Sherry will connect with staff who organized the event last year and follow-up with June.

D.    Cash-out Committee (Lauren Corey and Angela Giaquinto)
•    Layout of library space and cashiers’ area will change this year.
•    The team needs four cashiers and eight runners.
•    A new system will be used to expedite cash-out process.
•    The team will need access to the library starting at 4 p.m. day of the event.

E.    Sponsorship Committee (Sherry for Alison Leavitt)
•    To date, the team has secured $1,500 and is in the process of placing follow-up calls.
•    Sherry will design promotional materials thanking sponsors for their support to display at auction and in Talent Show program.

Next PTO meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Meeting Minutes 2/6/12

Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting
Feb. 6, 2012
King Middle School Library

Attendance: Alison Leavitt, Lauren Corey, Gretchen Berg, Line Pelletier, David Grant, Jane Wellahan, Dona Pfeffer, Dana Dumond, And at least 3-5 other people…so maybe David can remember!

I. General Items

A. Potluck Debrief:
Gretchen followed up on the success of the potluck and how well it all went with the
food and the performance. Portland Ovations fully satisfied with the result as was
Dan Zanes. An all around success. Possibilities for next year include an Afghan
performing group that again could work with Ovations involvement.

B. Auction:
Reviewed brief presentation from Lauren on check out procedure. Mailed all donation request letters. Discussed roles for auction (Dona—donations, Lauren—logistics/check out, Line Pelletier—decorations, Alison—sponsorships). Dona will need to get the volunteers organized to follow up on the letters in the next week or so.

C. Next parent-teacher Night Out:
Dana Dumond is working to organize another night out/fundraiser. He had a few good
ideas and will be working on this.

D. PTO Leadership:
Dave Grant brought up the fact that the King PTO should have a leadership structure (whether this be co-chairs, or pres/vp/sec/treasurer format). All agreed, but no action was taken. Perhaps we could ask for any volunteers for leadership positions through constant contact, or make it an agenda topic for the next PTO meeting.

Meeting Minutes 1/9/12

Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting
January 9, 2012
King Middle School Library

Present: Dave Grant, Susan Thompson-Brown, Sarah Moran, Cath O’Connor, Jen Southard, Allison Leavitt, Ken Giaquinto, Margie Schoeller, Matt Woodside, Line Pelletier, Lauren Corey, Donna Pfeffer, Ed Bryan, Gretchen Berg, Sherry Whittemore, Jane Wellehan, Karen MacDonald, Russ Cox, Mari Jones, Catherine Buxton, Dana Dumond, Gloria Apoite Clarke, Rick Ackerman, Caitlin LeClair, Susanne Bryan

I. General Items
A. Introductions

B. Created an agenda: Talent Show and Silent Auction, Parent Party, International Potluck Dinner, and community access to Constant Contact

C. Dave Grant asked for both a parent volunteer and staff member to be communication representatives for the Constant Contact network. Jane and Sherry will step into these roles respectively.

II. Big Easy Parent Party/ Fundraiser
To be held on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, at the Big Easy from 6-8 p.m.
Parents invited to listen to KMS staff performing music.
KMS will benefit from $10.00 door donation, and it was suggested that we look into benefiting from beverage sales as well.
Parents and teachers were asked to spread the word about the event—possible Facebook page.
Sherry and Dave will send a Constant Contact blast and post to school website.

Dana volunteered as the parent point person for the night of the event. He will help collect money at the door and contact staff point person Adam Waxman.

C. Dona volunteered Gritty’s as a possible venue for future family nights.

III. Warriors Don’t Cry Performance with Ovations
Karen reported that Windsor 7 students will participate in a pre-performance panel at Hannaford Hall at USM from 6:30-7:15 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 18th.

IV. International Potluck Dinner with Dan Zanes & Friends
A. Music jam and international dinner to be held Friday, Feb. 3rd, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. This is a free event.
B. Arranged through Portland Ovations, musical group Dan Zanes & Friends will also spend the entire day at KMS working with students.
Gretchen and Joe Farrell are coordinating the music piece.
Dave LaBranche will cook with ELL students and Ugandan chefs.
Gretchen will contact local press.

C . Volunteers are needed for the event.
Currently seeking parent musicians to come during the day and participate in workshops and play with the band.
It is important that families bring a dish to share.
Parents are needed to help with event set-up/decorating (to begin at 4 p.m.), serving the meal, greeting at the door, and cleanup. A sign-up sheet was circulated.

D. Space for the event has been reserved at KMS, and Dave will check in with custodial services.

V. Talent Show and Silent Auction
To be held on Thursday, April 26th, 5 to 8 p.m. at KMS. This is a big community event. Roughly $25,000 raised last year.

B. Parent and staff committee roles:
Auction Committee point person is Sherry.
Sponsorship point person is Allison (Soliciting financial contributions for advertising in the auction brochure and at Celebration of Learning.
Donations point person is Dona.
KMS staff talent and ticket sales point person is Karen.
Food and Refreshments still needs a parent point person.
Cash out and tallying point people are Lauren and Line. (Will work together to develop spreadsheet to better expedite and organize the process.)

Solicitors are needed to help collect auction items. Letters will be sent out to businesses that participated in past years, and parents will be given 10-15 contacts to follow-up with and secure items. A list of donors/donations will be made available at the next PTO meeting.

D. Dave will update the PTO Constant Contact list so that Sherry can be in contact with everyone.

VI. Next Meeting
Monday, Feb. 6th, 7 p.m. KMS library with Gretchen facilitating.

Meeting Minutes 9/20/11


Suzanne Bryan
Jannette Tacka
Deb Rothenberg
Dave Grant
Caitlin LeClair
Mike McCarthy
Ellen Rathburn
George Aponte Clarke
Tina Roberts
Debbie Littlefield
Susan Thompson Brown
Jennifer Genovese
Leanne Walker
Linda Pinkham
Harold Youngren
Justina McGettigan
Sarah Moran
Alison Leavitt
Line Pelletier

Mike McCarthy welcomed everyone to the PTO meeting.  Mike talked about how the shared energy and commitment of our families can really make a big difference in developing the resources to support all kids.  King has a lot of new initiatives going on that Mike feels are really going to help the staff meet the needs of our learners who struggle most.  Mike shared how King serves as a professional development site for lots of educators — who pay.   He shared stories of visitors this year from Denmark and how visitors and attention not only bring money but also support the learning environment.

The group spent time getting to know each other.  Lots of conversations came up about ideas that the PTO could work on.  Some are listed below.

The group went down the list of roles that PTO members could play.  Jonathan asked individuals to identify areas that they may be interested in:

PTO Officers
Capital Campaign  

Music night-out for parents and staff this Fall  

Community Dinner February 2nd w Ovations 
Chairs: Suzanne Bryan, Sarah Moran, Susan Thompson Brown
Talent show and Auction  

Plant Sale next Spring  

Thanks A-latte – supports the Library  

Reading one on one
Math Support
Expert support to expeditions
Community service

How can the Bridgefest be brought into the fold of PTO; How can volunteers be better matched to support the individual needs of students; Can the group help help us keep track of places where students can go on volunteer service.

Meeting Minutes — Monday, March 21


Linda Pinkham
Dana Dumond
Livie Pelletier
Liz Freeman
Alison Leavitt
Jane Wellehan
Jonathan Nolan
Eliza Nolan
David Grant
Jennifer Genovese


Dave talked about the work King is committing to with Student Engaged Assessment.  The group talked about the different things that parents would be interested in learning about.  These include: more info about the curriculum, more info about the kinds of events that happen at King, info about the visitors and the school’s relationship with EL.

The group then talked about the success of the community potluck.  The estimate is that 200 people came.  The group expressed satisfaction with the number of participants and also noted that next year we could attract more people hopefully.

The auction progress was discussed.  Sponsorship is going well.  The next meeting is scheduled for April 11th to finalize the auction preparation.